About Us

We know that access to basic education is a universal right, so we are that bridge that brings the tools to children, teens and young people with the purpose that they are reintegrated and be able to stay in an educational system endorsed by the Mexican government.

Through our educational program, we contribute to:

  • Preschool children enter primary level in official schools.
  • Children, teens and adults remain or can be able to come back into formal education (primary, secondary and high school). 
  • Boys and girls have the preparation that allows them to enter the prestigious Colegio Riberas with a scholarship.

At Centro Joshua we believe that education is the key to overcoming backwardness and poverty.


At Centro Joshua we began working in 2010 through a small group of volunteers, providing literacy classes to two women and jewelry classes to fifteen women, while empowering women and their children with values, virtues and courses for families, mainly indigenous people from Tarahumara settlements in the city of Chihuahua, Chih., Mexico.

The Tarahumara settlements are groups of houses open to the outside or fenced, where families of indigenous migrants gather in the cities, they are located in vulnerable communities in the city of Chihuahua, they lack basic public services such as drinking water, drainage, public transport , paving and public lighting.

Centro Joshua was formed in response to the main needs of the people of the northern Ladrillera Tarahumara settlement, access to basic education and human development, supporting to the people and families to discover their skills and generate well-being, through basic education programs for children in preschool tutorials, elementary and middle school tutorials for children and teens, as well as adult literacy education, and high school counseling.


Provide an educational and training platform for boys, girls, adolescents, youth and adults in order to improve their quality of life through formal education, human development and raising awareness of universal values in the North Tarahumara Settlement and surrounding areas of the city Chihuahua


To be an organization with a replicable educational and family strengthening model, focused on children, teens and adults that encourages their human promotion and economic autonomy with the support of a team of trained and committed people in love for the community, in the North Tarahumara Settlement in Chihuahua and surrounding areas of the city of Chihuahua.

Ethical Values

Provide support and special treatment.

Always be aware of the needs of others and assist them in support.

Do everything in the best possible way.

Believe in what has not yet been seen and declare it.

Do not judge people for their shortcomings, conditions or preferences.

Be honest and upright in conduct.

Everyone contributes or shares according to their possibilities for the common good.

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